Outreach Irregulars History - Chapter 6
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Outreach Irregulars Hangar
Son Hoa
Federated Commonwealth
November 7th 3049

Smith's ears still rang and his head hurt like hell; the fight had been over for ten hours. The debriefing was held in the conference room of their hangar; Decker, Gonzales, and Benson where there, along with several people from the planetary government including Estate General Drexel. Comstar had even patched Catherine through for a few minutes via HPG. The business side of the brief lasted for several hours and bored Smith to death. In short; the good news was that the Irregulars had received a large bonus from Fed-Com, for going out of their way to protect its citizens. They also grabbed a metric shit ton of salvage; every piece of military hardware dropped or destroyed in Qingdoa; including four wrecked Battlemechs, around a dozen vehicles, (mostly the ruins of light trucks) and around a hundred assault rifles, and SRM launchers. Oh, and they were local heroes now too. The bad news was that over a hundred people were killed before they got to Qingdoa, and that the rest of the banditos had gotten away before anyone could pin down the location of their dropship. The Estate General was finishing up so hopefully this meeting would be over soon.

"Son Hoa and its people have always firmly supported StarCorps Industries! As this planets largest employer, anyone threating StarCorps is threatening Son Hoa as a whole! In light of resent events I have ordered the planetary militia to deploy troops in as many nearby towns as possible; if these thugs return we'll be waiting!" Estate General Drexel wasn't the hard line military type, but the population would definitely benefit from the local support. The Outreach Irregulars wouldn't always be around to save civilians from pirates.

"So once again; you have our planets greatest thanks and appreciation for your efforts; if there is every anything that the people of this planet can do for you please let us know." The Estate General said before shaking their hands; then he and his entourage left the room.

"So, is anyone else wondering why these pirates bothered to drop that far from the complex; only to attack a town filled with civilians?" Joker asked

"That's what everyone wants to know" Decker answered. "We've been attacked before, but civilian areas had been avoided"

"Maybe it was a test" Watanabe said.

"What sort of test?" Gonzales asked

"A test to see how long it would take for anyone to respond; a test to see who or what would come out to fight them."

"So if that was a test, how long do we have before they attack for real?" Smith asked

"I don't know but we should change our patrol patterns and up security as much as possible" Watanabe answered.

"Gonzales, can you put triple S on high alert?" Watanabe asked

"I'll increase weakly overtime, and ask central command for additional staff." He answered

"Good; we'll work with the technical crew to get some of that salvage up and running." Joked added

"If we get any of those mechs running we'll need some local talent to drive um" Bull said.

"I'll put out a job posting on the local net for Mechwarriors" Decker responded

"We have a couple of dispossessed pilots from the last major attack over at Complex H" Benson said. "I might be able to lend them to you."

"Oh yes... one other thing." Decker added "Corporate wanted me to thank you with two Warhammer WHM-6R Battlemechs fresh off the line; I'll have them sent over later today."

The room was silent for what seemed like a long time. This was like a twelve million C-bill bonus on top of the salvage and the cash Fed-Com had given them... A good haul no question.

"Well, we're really are going to need some more pilots then; aren't we?" Smith said

Outreach Irregulars Hangar
Son Hoa
Federated Commonwealth
November 14th 3049

The hangar was alive with activity as StarCorps technicians worked on one side to paint the new Warhammers, while others tried to put the pirate mechs back together on the other. Sparks flew, and the scream of power tools could be heard everywhere. A week ago this place seemed empty with only the four Outreach Irregulars Battlemechs occupying the repair bays closest to the main door. Now there were ten Battlemechs as well as three industrial mechs from StarCorps Security Services. The triple S security mechs were getting some small upgrades so that they might be more useful during an all-out fight on the complex grounds; their less than lethal crowed control munitions were traded for live machine gun ammo and SRM rounds.

"So do you want the go news; or the bad news?" Chief technician Mendez asked as he approached Smith, Joker, and Watanabe who had been watching the work for a few minutes.

"Let's hear the good news first" Joker said

"Well I can get that Urbanmech up and running no problem; all it needs is a gyro and some fresh armor." "Armor and Gyros are things we have lots of at this facility. I can also build you a working Commando out of the two wrecks they brought in here."

"So that's the good news. What's the bad news?" Smith asked

"That Merlin would have been the big catch, but it's done for; engines toasted, gyros shot, there was an ammo explosion in both the LRM and Machinegun ammo bins."

"Well that's too bad; can we get anything out of it?"

"It'll make a good hangar queen; I've already had the guys start parting it out."

"Sounds good; thank you Chief Mendez" Watanabe said.

Mendez returned to his work shouting orders at the men as he did so.

"So the lance grows to a company" Joker said.

"That's great, but where are we going to get four more pilots?" Smith asked

"I know where you can find one" Watanabe answered

Both men wore a confused expression as neither knew what she was talking about.

"There is a high end cybernetic research laboratory and hospital here on Son Hoa" She said "They can replace my eye, and fix my balance; but it won't be cheap"

"Not cheap?" Smith asked

"More than a Battlemech" she responded

"That's a spicy eye ball!" Joker said before laughing some.

"Well we need pilots, and I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have with us out there" Smith said.

"We spent a bunch of money on Colt, and that's turned out pretty well so far" Joker said.

"Is Catherine going to make us hire a new tactical officer?" Smith asked

"I don't think we'll be able to find one out here." Watanabe answered

"Okay let's do this."