Комментарий К Уголовно

Oh shit! Something failed miserably!

Комментарий К Уголовно
Outreach Irregular;;[out reech ih-reg-yuh-ler]
noun, plural: [out reech ih-reg-yuh-lers]
  1. A rag-tag group of Mechwarriors hailing from locales throughout the Inner Sphere all with one thing in common; Being shunned, fired from or otherwise kicked out of the unit they once called home. These warriors have found a new way to survive... The Irregular Way... and have shown themselves to be a force to be reckoned with on numerous occasions; thus proving once and for all that while you may try to put a man down... you may take everything he has... but given the chance... like a phoenix he can rise from the ashes of despair...

    ;;;... and blow an AC-20 sized hole in your cockpit.

Комментарий К Уголовно

by Mark 3.4

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